I currently work for a company in the health industry. I am a Senior Engineering Manager at the lead of our Market Access team.

I’m learning a lot for three reasons: about myself because of the rate at which the company is growing and because of the different environment compared to the past 5 years at Freeletics; about the industry because of the regulated nature of the field.

I’m in Munich, Germany.


I’m testing different approaches on how to get more consistent and intentional with my personal development and therefore objectives. For tracking goals, I am currently using a template similar to what you can find at 11:11 Supply under goal trackers. My list consists of

  • financial independance, whose current milestone is lowering the years to retirement;
  • building a personal brand, the first milestone of which is this website;
  • improving my technical expertise, by learning new languages. You can see my progress here.

I have more things I’d like to do, but I’m really trying to not have too much at once and making progress on what I have picked.


I got really interested in architecture, system design, scalable systems, so that is what I’m currently reading about with

For my leadership skills, I’m focusing on becoming a manager of a new team and coming in as an external, so I picked up

I’m almost through with the Decision By Design course by Shane Parrish of Farnam Street.


I’m trainging with a combination of weights and bodyweight with Sweat. I’m running and I will soon start to train for the Wings for Life 2022 World Run

I’ve start learning guitar thanks to and I couldn’t be happier with the progress even if I still sound terrible.

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