I loved reading since I was a kid. I read a bit of everything, but mostly Sci-Fi, Fantasy for leasure and tech & management stuff for work. Sometimes some personal development and self-help books. Sometimes essays that can be categorized under “science books”.

You can find out what I’m reading on GoodReads and The Storygraph.

(Reading Journal incoming on this site)


I’m a newbie amateur photographer that taks picture with a Sony Alpha 6000 camera. That camera is perfection.

You can find them on 500px, on Flickr, and on Glass under the nickname of nirnaeth.

Flickr has some more from the past when I was still taking pictures with my phone.


The project is on hold, but I have an Instagram account where I post some delicious and healthy recipes (only in italian for now).


Learning how to play guitar the wrong way: I have a classical guitar and I should have an acoustic one, for the kind of music I’m learning.

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